David Flynn, President

David Flynn started in the business in June of 2006 in Toronto and was no ordinary rep in the field. He saw an opportunity to be his own boss and worked steadily and hard to achieve his leadership status in order to start building a team. David made a name for himself as a top TNI rep and successfully taught his team to mirror his work ethic and productivity. By January of 2008, DCF Advanced Marketing Inc. was born and David has not looked back since! DCF achieved the #1 status in the TNI Newsletter within its first 3 months of business, and has consistently remained in or near the top since. In 2009, David expanded from his original Whitby, ON location and opened up a second DCF office in Toronto. As TNI’s Owner/Manager of the Year for two years in a row, David continued to be a force to be reckoned with. At the 2011 Owners’ Conference, David was awarded the first ever Business Development Recognition Award in honour of his hard work and achievements within TNI’s Business to Business Program. David followed up these achievements by being presented with his 5 Year Recognition Award at the 2013 Owners’ Conference, and was recognized for earning over 5 Million Newsletter Points by receiving his Silver Performance Award.

Kyle Hillis, Owner, Elite Alliance Advertising Inc.

Kyle started at the Whitby, ON office in November of 2007, and honed his skills under DCF Advanced Marketing Inc. Owner, David Flynn. Kyle saw the opportunity to work with David as being a great advantage to succeeding in this business. David taught Kyle his strong work ethic and instilled in him the importance of always striving to be the best. In February of 2009, Kyle was promoted to Assistant Manager of DCF Whitby and has carried on the success of DCF. Kyle has proven himself a born leader, as DCF Whitby continues to be a top performing agency. Kyle showed he had what it takes to lead not only a successful team but a successful office and was promoted to Management in August of 2009. Kyle wasted no time following up the promotion by taking home Rookie Manager of the Year honors at the 2010 Owners Conference. Kyle followed this up by achieving Incorporation and opened Elite Alliance Advertising in Whitby in October of 2012.